Clermont-ferrand Restaurant Clermont-ferrand

The Auvergne that I would like to introduce you to is a place where each morning we pick and forage in our mountains, fields and forests where more than 200 wild plants flourish according to the rhythms of both the sky and the earth.

Nature also sets the pace for the market gardener, deciding which fruits and vegetables will find their place in our dishes.  

This daily vegetal discovery allows us to reinvent our proposals every day. 

Meat and fish therefore become the condiments of this earthy Auvergne while an air of Brittany creeps in with iodine and shellfish. 

I hope that you will be sensitive to this current cuisine born from desire rather than seasons.


Hôtel ****
Restaurant Le Pré **
Route de la Baraque - 63830 Durtol


+33 (0)4 73 19 25 00



  • Wednesday to Sunday for lunch
  • Wednesday to Sunday for Dinner

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